Timeless Ageing Workshop   Achieving healthy looking skin  is not just about applying anti- ageing  creams     to your face. Your diet, your lifestyle, even what you think, are all reflected on     your face.

  This workshop takes a holistic look at how and why we age. You will learn how    to:-

  •   Understand more about how your body works in relation to the          ageing process
  • Understand the structure and function of the skin
  • Help slow down the ageing process
  • Deepen the respect you have for your amazing body
  • Encourage your body to function in a more youthful way on a cellular level
  • Help prevent degenerative diseases
  • Boost your immune system and stay fit and healthy
  • Increase your vitality
  • Apply tools to help you feel and look younger
  • Choose healthy skincare products that work in harmony with your body

Course Tutor:   Philippa James
Dates: This workshop is run on Sundays and Thursdays. Please email for availability
Time: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
Venue:  York
Price: Was £45.00 – July Workshop Special Offer £15.00


What our customers say about this workshop?

“This workshop was a delight.  I am so used to being bombarded with negative messages in the media about ageing and so it was a relief to hear about some simple and effective steps I can take to ‘positively’ age.  Pippa mixes theory with practical stories to make this workshop really easy to understand, learn from and make changes for yourself.  She is a font of knowledge, it was a lot of fun!”

Eimear Bush

“What a wonderful and inspiring workshop that will make you look at the ageing process in a different light. I attended along with my mum with an open and intriguing mind, and left feeling enlightened and inspired.  In today’s world you can sometimes feel bombarded with information and advice on the ageing process, but Pippas workshop was interesting and informative, without all that complex ageing terminology. I came away with simple yet practical steps to look and feel younger eachday! Thank You Pippa.”

Claire Shaw & Helen Traynor