Hello my name is Philippa James and I am a practitioner and teacher of Aromatherapy. I would like to welcome you to my website.

Are you concerned about the number of preservatives and potentially harmful ingredients that are found in many skincare products? Are you looking for something natural and pure that works in harmony with your skin, and allows it to breathe? If so then I am pleased to say you have found it!

Facial oils are a new concept in skincare and take nourishing the skin to a new level. Some people may be reluctant to try them however, because they fear they will leave their skin feeling clogged or greasy.

This is not the case.

The carrier oils I have used in my facial oils are light and non greasy. They have a dry texture and are quickly and easily absorbed by the skin. They contain natural plant extracts that work in harmony with the skin, allowing it to breathe.

 Try them and you may never go back to using creams!

I originally made my  first Organic Facial Oil for my own use and had no intention of selling it on. I have very sensitive skin and couldn’t find a product that was 100% pure and didn’t contain any preservatives or potentially harmful chemical ingredients. To try to solve the problem I went on an organic cream making course, where I discovered that even organic creams had to contain a preservative or they would go rancid very quickly.

Feeling quite disillusioned I decided that I would make my own moisturiser with essential oils rather than cream. I decided to do this because as a professionally qualified Aromatherapist I knew I could source 100% pure natural organic ingredients. It took me a while to get the blend just right and it was trial an error for a few months, but I eventually discovered the winning formula!

I chose essential oil of Lavender because it has cell regenerating properties and Frankincense because it helps to preserve skin cells (it was used by the Ancient Egyptians to help slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles). I blended these oils with organic Thistle, Sunflower and Rosehip, all of which are high in Omega 3 and 6 and rich in minerals and vitamins, especially C and E which are natural anti-oxidants. Rosehip is especially excellent for skincare in its own right ( there is a wealth of information about the healing properties of Rosehip on the internet).

Word soon spread about the oil and it wasn’t long before I found myself making it for friends, relatives and clients. The most common feedback I received from them was how light and non greasy the oil was and how easily it was absorbed by the skin. Check out my Customer’s reviews. Many also commented on how radiant and smooth their skin looked within just a few days of using it. It was their encouragement that persuaded me to make it more widely available, and later create more organic products.

Philippa James is the Co-principal of Yorkshire School Of Complementary Therapy.