Philippa James Organic Facial Oil with Pure Rose Oil

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This blend helps to strengthen the skin and reduce any redness and irritation.

It has a silky texture and an uplifting Rose fragrance and is quickly and easily absorbed leaving the skin looking smooth and radiant.

 Ideal for reactive skin types to help soothe and strengthen the skin.

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Using the finest quality Rose oil, this blend is formulated to help replenish dry skin and give it a healthy, youthful glow. It is ideal for sensitive skins as it helps to calm and soothe any areas of redness. 

Organic Ingredients

Rosedemai – Rosa Centifolia
It takes around 50,000  Rose petals to make just 1 oz of  this exquisite oil.  It has a lovely floral aroma and is ideal to use on dry sensitive skin, as it helps to calm and soothe any areas of redness and broken capillaries.

Sunflower Oil – Helianthus Annus

Produced from the seeds of the Sunflower. A dry oil that contains high levels of Linoleic Acid and Omega 6, and GLA making it easily absorbed by the skin. Contains more Vitamin E than any other carrier oil.

Thistle Oil – Carthamus Tinctorius
Obtained from the seeds of the Thistle. Contains Vitamin F and Omega 3 & 6 It as a high content of linoleic acid (80%), which makes it easily absorbed by the skin. Linoleic aicd is a fatty acid, which plays a vital part in maintaining health in the body. In particular it helps to strengthen cell membranes and thus enhance the immune system. Excellent for all skincare products.

Rosehip – Rosa Rubginosa
Rosehip oil is obtained from the seeds of a Rose bush that grows wild in the Southern region of Chile. Contains natural Retinoic acid (Vitamin A) and Omega 3 & 6. This oil is excellent for many skin conditions, and is very effective for maintaining skin moisture, and helping to prevent premature wrinkles.

Vitamin E – Tocopherol
Vitamin E’s most important task is to counteract oxidation (rancidity) in fats and oils, as well as prevent the occurrence of free radicals in the body. It is used in the oil as a natural preservative.

1 review for Philippa James Organic Facial Oil with Pure Rose Oil

  1. 5 out of 5

    I have suffered with large pores for years and have used expensive well known cosmetic brands of creams. But never have I had such amazing results with an oil!! This is a delightful product to use that absorbs easily and smells wonderful!! I can’t be without it now and I’ve only used it 2 months!! It’s a must have product for natural looking skin!! Thank you Pippa for your hard work in creating this amazing product!!

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