Timeless Ageing eBook Written by Philippa James – 2015 Edition



Achieving healthy looking skin is not just about applying anti-ageing creams to your face.

Your diet, your lifestyle even what you think are all reflected on your face. 

This ebook takes a holistic look at how and why we age. It outlines the tools you can use to help take more control of the ageing process.

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Objectives of this ebook
. To help you understand the ageing process
. To teach you techniques to help slow down the ageing process
. To help you stay healthy throughout life
. To show you how to boost your immune system
. To increase your vitality
. To help you look and feel younger!

The information contained in this ebook is based on my experience as a teacher and practioner of complementary medicine since 1994. It is not about a quick fix to reverse the ageing process. I am not going to be recommending any good plastic surgeons or miracle anti-ageing creams! Instead this ebook takes a holistic look into the ageing process. It examines how and why the body ages, as well as the factors that influence the rate at which we age. It outlines the anti-ageing tools that can be used to help to slow down the ageing process, as well as highlighting the ways to stay fit and healthy throughout life. In order to understand how the body ages, however, it is first necessary to have some knowledge of how the body functions. For this reason the ebook contains some basic anatomy and physiology. Understanding how the body works will help to give you a greater understanding of what your body needs in order to stay healthy.


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