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Philippa James

It was my quest to find a natural skincare product that suited my own skin that brought me to creating my own oils.


Ageing is a natural process which we can’t prevent. What we can do is learn how to slow down the visible effects. This workshop takes a holistic look at how and why we age.

Take Control

Your diet, your lifestyle and even what you think are all reflected on your face. This insightful book will enlighten you and help you to understand your own ageing process.

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I believe nature has all the answers. That is why all my products contain 100% natural plant ingredients. Packed full of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 & 6 you simply cannot buy more natural skincare.


I have suffered from allergies for many years and as a result my skin is really sensitive. I have been using Philippa James Organic Facial Oil for over a year now and have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. The oil is light and easily absorbed and full of natural ingredients which compliment the sensitivity of my skin
Maureen Pearson

I can highly recommend Philippa James Organic Facial Oil. I have noticed a complete difference in my skin since using the oil. As a previous sufferer of mild acne I have noticed that my face now looks a lot clearer. Please do not hesitate in trying for yourself this wonderful oil
Theresa Watson

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